Sunday, March 16, 2008


I just wanted to do a little advertising to make a little extra money.

Well, for my birthday, I got a stuffed animal elephant, called a webkinz. I got to adopt it online and feed it online, blah blah blah. It was pretty fun. All my other sisters wanted one (including Gracie). So they all got one for Christmas. I got a Chocolate Lab. Kimmer got a bunny. Rachel got a panda (that is being disowned because Rachel so badly wanted Gracie's webkinz). Gracie got a pink pony. And we also got a black and white cat with the money we earned doing extra chores and babysitting. Webkinz are extremely cute, but beware. If you get your child a webkinz, they will be obsessed with going on the computer for reasons such as: My webkinz will be hungry, I don't have enough money, I need to get Sue a new bed.

But here are some pictures of the webkinz:

This is my favorite one: :-)


Crosscountry said...

Rachel looks very cute with all those animals.

Lindsey said...

I know- I love taking pictures of my sisters, esspecially when I get to play with their pose and props. You guys should come down soon so I can take some pictures of you. Have you seen the professional photography post? You took a picture or two- I think.

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