Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring Break

I am so happy that spring break is finally here! Down here in AZ, it is a little cool, but ok, at about 80 degrees. This spring break is very cool because:

-Monday is St. Patrick's Day
-Thursday is the first day of spring
-Friday is Good Friday
-Sunday is Easter

Pretty exciting, isn't it? We get to go down to Rocky Point (touristy place in Mexico) after spring cleaning, then come back on Friday or Saturday, have the Bob Blairs over for Easter (hopefully, plans are not secured yet), then have the Sabeys over the next week. That means that we also get to skip school on Wednesday and Thursday. I am very excited!


Gymnast Girl said...

It is exciting. What is Good Friday?

Gymnast Girl said...


I have a question about your vote thing. You have the answer, "never" - so how could one vote for that if they were truly "never" on the computer?


Lindsey said...

You have an extremely good point. I am posting that. Good Friday is the Friday before Easter, the day when the crusifiction occured.

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