Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Possible Careers

I know I'm too young to choose what I will be when I grow up, but here are some possible ones:
  1. Lawyer- I've always thought it would be fun to be paid to yell at people. But the downside is that the words have to mean something and law school looks boring...
  2. Journalist- My social studies teacher advised me to get a degree in journalism after reading my philosophy journal (I got the highest grade in the class!) Mom says that journalists either write or are on the radio. I think I would like to write. Unless they had free donuts at the news station...
  3. Linguist- Okay, I just showed that I cannot do this because I had to spell check for this ENGLISH word! The only reason I think I might be good at this is that in Spanish, it took me 3 minutes to complete the assignment assumed to take an hour (no, this was not an assignment on colors... it was on prepositions), so I started working on Latin. Boy, are they similar!
  4. Mathematician- I am in Honor's Algebra. If I did math, I DON'T want to do geometry. I want to work on philosophy of math, such as 9.999... = 1 because 1/3 +2/3 = .33333... + .66666... =.999999 = 1. (Sorry if I just lost you.) I also worked after school on proving that even though the graph on the Olympics showed that girls were getting faster more quickly than the boys, the boys would be faster because you would use exponents to better figure this out. My dad looked this up on the Internet, and we downloaded a collage credit PowerPoint on this same subject. (It was much more complex.)
  5. Dentist- Who doesn't want to put people in pain???
  6. Computer Technician- Computers are so much fun to play with. I taught myself to type in 2nd or 3rd grade, and I have to say I am pretty good with it....
  7. Mother- I love little children. They are SO cute and fun to be with.
  8. Teacher- see #7


Julie said...

You are very smart. I think you would do well in any of those careers. Personally, I enjoy being a teacher. You still have time though! AND lots of school!

Kimberly said...

What in the world is a Linguist? Good for you! Your really smart! If you keep it up, you'll have all sorts of possibilitys for a job if you take alot of subjects! Plus Spanish! THat really kicks in! THe more langueges you know, the higher you'll be value!I love your blog!wow! You learned to type when you were only in 2nd or third grade! You're ausome!

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