Thursday, June 7, 2007

Harry Potter discussion

The seventh Harry Potter (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows) book is coming out soon, and I am so excited. I personally think that Harry will save Malfoy, living, and then Malfoy will save Harry, dying in the attempt. I also think that Harry's love for Ginny will protect him from Voldemort's powers. I also am very strong in believing that Harry will live, but Voldemort will die, of course after his horcruces are destroyed because the prophecy states that Voldemort will kill Harry or vice versa, and no one can kill Voldemort but Harry. J. K. Rowling said that it takes great sacrifice for great victory, but the sacrifice cannot be Harry, or else there would be no victory. I think the sacrifice will be either Ginny, Ron, or Hermione. I also think at least one person in the Order will die in victory.

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